OnePlus Smartwatch Is Ready To Amaze People With The First Software Update

The Beginning

Tech savvies always wait for the latest, advanced, and more developed device that can leave a prominent mark on the digital space. A new addition to the list is the OnePlus smartwatch, which is the first product of its kind from OnePlus. Unfortunately, the OnePlus smartwatch could not achieve much recognition and appreciation from reviewers.

Although drawbacks were present in that smartwatch device, software updates can be a great boon to resolve them all. That is why OnePlus had to go for the software update to start fixing the errors. The best part is that the primary step has already been taken by OnePlus by launching the first software update for the OnePlus smartwatch.

Which Features have been updated in the OnePlus Smartwatch?

OnePlus smartwatch was calling for software updates since it got negative reviews from users. The sigh of relief is that the first software update has already taken place with the B.40 (the software version number).

Although B.40 has not come along with any new functionality, it has improved many existing functions in the OnePlus watch. The update has uplifted GPS performance. Moreover, it has also enabled the smartwatch to keep track of the activities of the user with more accuracy than earlier.

The software update has also improved the heart-rate monitoring algorithm. Many other bugs of the OnePlus smartwatch have also been fixed with the update. The OnePlus watch featured a raise-to-wake function, which has been improved by B.40.

As a whole, the smartwatch system has become more stable with this brilliant software update. Users of the OnePlus watch can now check out notification app icons for the apps they will use the most.

More about the Software Update for OnePlus Smartwatch

The first software update (B.40) will be available for the USA and Canada users at the beginning. However, the users of other countries will soon be able to avail the benefits of the update to take their OnePlus smartwatch experience to the next level.

Besides, users can also expect to get a couple of exciting new features in the OnePlus smartwatch whenever the next software updates will be available. Some of such mind-blowing features that are to be added to the device include twelve-hour time format, always-on display, etc. AI Watch face will also be a great addition to the OnePlus smartwatch’s feature list.

So, users have to wait for future software updates from the company, as no specific timeline has been mentioned in this regard.

Nonetheless, no information has come about troubleshooting the sleep data recording issue in the B.40. It is hoped that the update to fix the issue will arrive soon from OnePlus.

Wrapping Up

OnePlus smartwatch users experienced many issues with the device. That is why the device had to face many criticisms. However, OnePlus has come up with the first software update (B.40) to start resolving the flaws one by one. B.40 has already improved many functions of the device and made it more user-friendly. Nothing is perfect in the world, but steps taken towards improving something are rather appreciating.