VistaRewired was created for the purpose of solving the headaches of Windows Vista users as well as educate them on the operating system, so they can use it to their full potential.

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The blog was created by an aspiring young entrepreneur. Vista Rewired’s goal is to make sure that you found what you were looking for here. If you didn’t, you can contact us using the form below.

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Due to the lack of free time that I have, I can no longer keep up with the help requests I receive. Your best bet is to use the blog where you can get your response quicker. Not only that, you will receive help from others as well.

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If you want to contact me about other inquiries, you can email me at admin@vistarewired.com

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Although not all articles are published by the owner, only emails from admin@vistarewired.com represent the website. Please forward all inquiries to the email. Thanks.