How to Change Spotify Username – An Easy Guide

Many people think you can change your Spotify username, but that’s not true. You can, however, change your display name. This guide will show you how.

With this, you can keep your Spotify account easy to manage. It also makes sure your name on Spotify matches what you like or your Facebook name. This way, your name stays the same no matter where people see it.

On Spotify, your username stays the same when you create your account. But, you can always change your display name. This is the name people see and appears on your profile. You can use this to show who you are or match your Facebook name.

Changing your Spotify profile name is simple. Just follow a few steps. This guide helps you quickly improve your Spotify use. It works on phones, computers, or on the web.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can’t change your Spotify username, but you can change your display name.
  • Change your display name on mobile, web, or desktop to make it personal.
  • Sync your display name with Facebook for the same name everywhere.
  • Your username is set when you make your account and can’t be changed.
  • Customizing your display name makes your Spotify experience unique.

Understanding Spotify Usernames vs. Display Names

It’s important to tell the difference between your Spotify usernames and display names. This helps you know how you’re seen on Spotify. And it gives you the chance to make your music profile fit you.

What’s in a Name? Distinguishing Between Username and Profile Name

Spotify usernames are set when you start your account. They’re used by Spotify behind the scenes. Display names, on the other hand, are what others see. You can change this name anytime to show what music you’re into now.

The Permanent Fixture: Why Your Spotify Username Can’t Be Changed

Your Spotify username stays the same for safety and technical reasons. It’s a key part of how Spotify keeps track of its users’ information. This is important for how the service works.

The Fluid Identity: Editing Your Spotify Display Name

Unlike usernames, you can change your display name as much as you like. This makes it easy to show the world your music tastes. It’s all about making your Spotify experience more personal and fun.

Consider the chart below for a quick look at the differences between usernames and display names.

Feature Spotify Username Display Name
Modifiability Cannot be changed Can be changed at any time
Purpose Identification in Spotify’s system User-selected public identity
Visibility Generally hidden from public view Visible to other users, enhancing social interaction

Your Spotify username is permanent, but you have a lot of freedom with your display name. This lets you show who you are through music. It makes using Spotify more personal on the top music platform in the world.

How to Change Spotify Username

Changing the Spotify username is tricky because it stays the same. But, you can choose a new name to display. This can change how you’re known on Spotify. Here’s how to change your name step by step.

change Spotify username

To change your username on Spotify, the process is easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your phone, computer, or the website. We’ll show you how to update your name on each one. This includes making sure your Facebook name matches too.

Action Mobile App Desktop/Web Player
Open Profile Settings Navigate to ‘Your Library’ and tap on the gear icon Click on your existing profile name at the top right corner
Edit Display Name Select ‘View Profile’ then tap ‘Edit Profile’ Go to ‘Edit Profile’
Save Changes Enter your new name and tap ‘Save’ Enter new display name and click ‘Save’
Sync with Facebook Go to settings and find ‘Connected Apps’ Under settings, select ‘Social’ then ‘Connect to Facebook’

To change your name on Spotify, follow each step we’ve given. It works on phones and computers. Changing your name can make using Spotify more fun. Those who want a new name, this guide is just for you.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Altering Your Spotify Display Name

Changing your name on Spotify can make your music time better. It lets others know it’s you. This guide helps you do just that, no matter where you listen from.

Altering Your Profile Name on Mobile Devices

If you use a phone or tablet, here’s how to change your name:

  1. Open Spotify and go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Next, tap ‘View Profile’ and then ‘Edit Profile.’
  3. Now, tap your name to change it.
  4. Enter your new name and save it.

Updating the Display Name via Desktop or Web Player

On a computer or using Spotify online, do this to change your name:

  • First, log in to Spotify.
  • Then, click your profile picture and choose ‘Account.’
  • Now, in the ‘Profile’ tab, click ‘Edit Profile.’
  • Change your name there and save your new settings.

Synchronizing with Facebook for a Consistent Identity

To keep your name the same on Spotify and Facebook, connect them:

  1. Open Spotify’s ‘Settings’ on any of your devices.
  2. Follow to ‘Social’ and select ‘Connect to Facebook.’
  3. Now, log in to Facebook and give Spotify permission.

After this, your Spotify display name will match your Facebook name. This makes things smooth when you interact online.

Change Profile Name on Spotify

Action Mobile Desktop Facebook Synchronization
Access Profile Settings Settings > View Profile Profile Icon > Account Settings > Social
Edit Display Name Edit Profile > Change Name Edit Profile > Change Name Connect to Facebook > Login
Save Changes Save Changes Save Changes Allow Permissions

Follow these steps on either your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s easy to change your display name on Spotify. Plus, syncing with Facebook helps people easily recognize you.

Optimizing Your Spotify Experience

Learning to change your Spotify name can improve your profile. But going deeper into tailoring what you listen to can really change your experience. Choosing a unique profile name helps others recognize you. It makes people with the same music interests feel more connected to you. This is a key step in making Spotify just right for you.

Next, making playlists that fit different moods is a smart move. These playlists help you find songs for any time, like a party or quiet evening. As you add songs, Spotify learns what you like. It suggests new music you might love. This keeps your music fresh and fitting your style.

Also, trying new music genres and artists is important. Spotify has “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” for this. They use what you listen to and suggest music you might like. This turns your Spotify time into a fun adventure. You can find a lot of new music to enjoy on Spotify.


Can I change my Spotify username?

No, Spotify does not allow users to change their usernames.

What is the difference between a Spotify username and a display name?

A Spotify username is a permanent identifier used by Spotify and cannot be changed. A display name, also known as a profile name, is what others see. It can be updated.

How can I change my Spotify display name?

To change your display name, use the Spotify app, desktop, or web player. Go to your profile settings. Then, find the name section, edit it, and save.

Can I synchronize my Spotify display name with my Facebook account?

Yes, you can. Synchronize your display name with Facebook for a consistent ID.

Are there other ways to optimize my Spotify experience?

Indeed, there are. Personalize your profile name and make curated playlists. Also, find new music to make your Spotify time better.

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