What Software Does Fixer Upper Use

Everyone knows design software is key to creating beautiful, functional spaces. But what software do the Fixer Upper designers use, and how does it factor into their work? As you may have guessed based on the show, visuals are a huge part of their process.

But that’s only one part. The designers also rely on an extensive list of programs to streamline their workflow and help them achieve the results they want. In this post, we’ll discuss the design software used by Chip and Jo in their everyday work as well as some behind-the-scenes secrets from their books!


Since the advent of computer technology, people have been storing their work in folders. Some things don’t change, and as long as it works, it’s not going anywhere! But modern design software also gives us some new methods to collaborate and make the design process more effective. One of the most important tools designers use today is Dropbox.

Dropbox allows you to create shared folders that can be accessed by multiple users across different devices. This means that if your team needs to communicate and collaborate on a project, you can all store your work in the same place — rather than emailing large files back and forth or sharing servers, which can be a hassle and is often insecure.

t’s also great for sharing and storing images you find online that you might want to use in your designs. If you’re working with a team, this will help keep everyone on the same page and save time as well!


Sketch is a digital design tool that allows users to design for the web, mobile devices, and even 3D. It’s a relatively new tool, but it has become a go-to for a large number of designers, especially those working in web design. This is because it’s easy to use, reasonably priced, and best of all, it’s cloud-based. This means that designers can collaborate on projects in real-time and can access their projects from any device.

Plus, Sketch has features and plugins that are specifically designed for web design, making it incredibly useful. If you’re designing with Sketch, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right file type. Important note: You’ll want to make sure you’re using the right file type. When exporting your files, make sure to choose “JPG” or “PNG” as your main format to ensure that your photos look great. You can also use “PDF” if you want to send a file to someone that they’ll be able to print out.


A critical part of the design process is what’s known as “visioning.” This is the part of the process where the design team — in this case, Chip and Jo — get together to discuss what they want to accomplish in the space. They often start with a quick sketch to get the ideas out on paper. They then use their design software to create an image of their vision that can be edited, manipulated, and revised until the team approves it.

This helps them visualize their ideas and make sure they’re choosing the right elements and using them in the right way. It also helps them to communicate with the contractors and builders who are working with them on site.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The bulk of design work on Fixer Upper is done in Adobe Creative Cloud. This software is used to create a wide range of different visual elements, including photos, graphics, illustrations, and more. Some of the most popular programs used in the Creative Cloud include Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

These programs are used to create everything from simple logos to complex home remodels. As an added bonus, the whole Creative Cloud system is completely integrated, meaning you can send files back and forth between programs without issue.

CAD Software

Another design software that’s used frequently by architects is CAD software, or computer-aided design. This software is used to create architectural drawings and plans. It is used to make sure that things like measurements and elevations are correct, and that architectural drawings are accurate. It is a very useful design software to have.

Some of the best-known architectural design software companies include Autodesk, Bentley, and Trimble. This software is used for a wide range of things, including creating renderings of homes and other buildings. The architectural design software is used to create two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional images that are incredibly realistic.

3D Software

If you want to create an image that is almost lifelike, then you’ll want to use 3D software. This software is used to create images that are very realistic. You can use it to create architectural designs, visualization of remodels, as well as just about anything else you can imagine. The 3D software is used to create images that are almost lifelike. It is used for architectural designs, visualization of remodels, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Fixer Upper Tools and Tricks

There are some things you can do with design software that you just can’t do with pencil and paper. For example, one of the most essential tools in any designer’s toolkit is a grid. Grids are a fundamental part of good composition and design. They keep visual elements aligned, create a sense of order, and balance a composition. You can use simple lines or grids drawn in any design software.

Alternatively, you can use an image grid. Trimble’s Image Grid is an image-based grid that can be overlaid on top of any image or 3D model. This makes it useful for a wide range of design elements. Another useful feature is the ability to save your grid as a separate image so that you can use it later. You can even export it as a PDF to send to clients!


Design software is a key part of the design process. It allows designers to create images and designs that would be difficult or impossible without it. Design software can be used for everything from creating logos to designing houses and everything in between. If you’re interested in a career in design, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with different types of design software.

Which software do you think is the most important? Which piece of design software do you think is most useful? Now that you’ve seen how design software is used on Fixer Upper, you may be inspired to get started designing something of your own!