What is Application Software Quizlet?


Founded by Andrew Sutherland, Quizlet has been a revolution in the online learning industry. Since it came into existence in 2005, it has grown a lot. Quizlet aims to help students learn with interactive exercises and quizzes. It is a helpful tool for both students and teachers alike. This is because teachers can use it in schools or institutions to teach children online. The COVID-19 pandemic can be of great help to those kids who cannot attend online lectures.

With Quizlet, teachers or instructors can create study sets. These sets can involve audio-visual material and texts as well. Further, these sets can include flashcards used to make learning more interactive and simple. Although more suited for children, Quizlet is appropriate for each age group. You can even take quizzes on Quizlet. With its attractive and easy user interface, it has already become a popular choice among education leaders. One of the major reasons behind its success is its flexibility and the way one can customize it. With its exercises, students can practice by flashcards, spelling, writing, matching the right options, etc.

Also, as a teacher, another important aspect is collecting information. Because of Quizlet’s good response system, it is much easier to do. Now, let us have a look at some benefits and disadvantages of using Quizlet.

Pros and Cons of Quizlet:

1. Multi-review system: Thanks to the multi-review system, Quizlet is easy to use and track. For students, they can know the results of their exercises in just a click. For teachers or instructors, they can easily view how each student has performed.

2. Inculcate competitive spirit: With quizzes and competitions, students can learn more effectively. This would also help in building a competitive spirit in them and try to be better.

3. Great way to practice for exams: Quizlet is and has been one of the preferred choices to practice for a test or exam. With fun and interactive exercises, young students are more likely to use them. This helps in preparing for exams in a lighter mood.

4. Paid version or free: One of the biggest cons about Quizlet is its free version. Although almost all things remain the same in both versions, the ads could distract and annoy some. And to pay a fee to gain the paid version could not suit well for each kid. Sometimes users see ads in between the exercises which could distract them as well.

6. Not a workable way to test students: Because of the above-mentioned reason, Quizlet might not be suitable for tests. With many interruptions and distractions, it may remain a choice for practice.


Hence, Quizlet has come out as one of the top platforms for interactive learning. In this pandemic, not many people can afford good internet connectivity. This is why websites like Quizlet are better for these times. Although not any real-time communication, they are best for learning online. For children who cannot read long texts and attend long lectures, Quizlet is a savior. They can play games, attend quizzes and practice with exercises to study and learn.