How to Enable Handwriting Recognition and Other Features for East Asian languages

Many who use one of the East Asian languages would agree that the alphabet is not very convenient. In XP, there were a couple of plugins (Windows calls them Applets) that allowed handwriting recognition as well as a radical dictionary, just to name a few of the applets. These applets are very useful for those who cannot recognize characters or anyone learning one of the languages. This tutorial will bring all these applets back. (This tutorial is mainly geared towards those that do not have a handwriting pad since I’m sure your pad was bundled with software that solves these problems.)

For this example, we will use Chinese, but the instructions apply to the other languages as well. First, you’ll need to have your language bar visible. If it’s not visible, you can refer to this guide.

Your language bar should lo


Click on the small arrow on the very left and select IME pad.

You should be able to see the IME Pad icon in your language bar now. Click on it and a window will come up.imgesettings.jpg

Click on the icon beside IME Pad at the very top, select Applet Menu, and then User Settings.

Once at this Window, select the button beside “Show Applets for all IME” and you will see a list of all the Applets you are looking for. Right now you only have Dictionary. Select one and click on Add to enable them.
(CH) – Chinese
(JA) – Japanese
(KO) – Korean

A list of the enabled Applets are shown on the side. Right now I am using the handwriting applet. The handwriting applet is not perfect, but despite my horrible writing skills, you can see that the IME Pad is still able to recognize what I’m writing.

As for my mouse handwriting skills… I definitely need to work on them. Still need help? Check out our new forums where you can get an even faster and better response!